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Geological Environment

◆ Applications area:The comprehensive advantages of hyperspectral remote sensing, urban geology, environmental engineering, testing and analysis are integrated to provide comprehensive, scientific and systematic services for geological environment, remote sensing monitoring, utilization and development of urban underground space, environmental protection and management, disaster prevention and mitigation.

◆ Key  technology:With advanced international Airborne Hyperspectral remote sensing equipment and related data integration, processing, processing and application of the core methods and technologies; urban underground infrastructure exploration, monitoring, evaluation is in the first-class level in China; with advanced domestic level of detection center, covering geological, mineral, agricultural services. Inorganic and organic analysis of industrial soil, environmental monitoring (gas, water, soil, sound), marine sediments and other fields in constant, trace and trace ranges.

◆ Major achievements:Airborne hyperspectral projects in Fujian and Xiongan New Area have played an important role in monitoring and harnessing natural ecological environment protection; urban geological work has been carried out with more than 500,000 kilometers of high-precision geophysical and chemical detection lines, nearly 500 square kilometers of large-scale topographic maps, more than 40,000 kilometers of underground infrastructure and more than 200 integrated information systems; and a total of China and Vietnam have been launched. Hundreds of environmental protection projects have been tested, including the same investigation project, the soil analysis and testing project of the site pollution investigation project in Ichikrik well area, the pilot project of rapid investigation and remediation of cultivated land pollution along Guanhe River in Jiangsu Province and the Northern Bank of Yangtze River.








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