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Resource Prospecting

◆ Application area:Using aerogeophysical, surface geophysical, geochemical and other technical means, specializing in solid mineral exploration, gas mineral exploration and other resources exploration services, in the search for metal minerals, oil and gas, groundwater and engineering geological problems, etc. enjoy a high reputation.

◆ Key technology:More than 150 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, National Climbing Program, National Key Research Projects, National Gold Projects and Provincial and Ministerial Projects have been completed, and more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial awards have been won successively, such as National Science and Technology Progress Award, National Science and Technology Congress Award, National Geological Prospecting Achievement Award, China Gold Association Special Award, etc.   

Large-scale and high-precision aerogeophysical exploration (aeromagnetics, aeroradioactive survey, aeroelectrical method, aerial gravity and aerial remote sensing ) has advanced international level and has reached the leading domestic level; the independently developed 2D and 3D surface high-power electromagnetic sounding technology is in the leading domestic level, reaching the advanced international level; and the evaluation technology of geochemical structure superimposed halo is the core technology of our institute's independent innovation, and has the advantages of high-precision aerogeophysical exploration. The world's leading level has been rated as the top ten achievements of geological science and technology in China.     

◆ Main achievements:Nearly 3 million kilometers of surveying line have been completed in aerogeophysical prospecting, of which 70% of the work has been completed in important metallogenic belts in China. In recent years, Laos and Mongolia have carried out high-precision and high-resolution aerogeophysical prospecting as well as seismic prospecting in Ethiopia and Bolivia, and achieved good geological prospecting results.












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