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Survey of Geological Disaster

The survey of geological hazards mainly focuses on the understanding of the development process and stability of geological hazards. The hydrological, meteorological, stratigraphic and lithological data in the area should be collected as far as possible in the course of investigation, and roughly measured with simple and portable tools and instruments, so as to determine the characteristics, stable state and development trend of geological bodies, and to provide basis for dividing geological hazards into zones and demonstrating the risk of geological hazards.

Typical Project:



Geological environmental protection and rehabilitation of a mine in Fuping County, Hebei Province: This paper mainly focuses on the preliminary analysis of mine construction, collection of relevant information on geological environment conditions and field survey, and then begins the field investigation of mine hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology and geological hazards. Finally, the comprehensive analysis of collected data is carried out to determine the assessment scope and classify the assessment level. Draw up the outline of evaluation work. After occupying and destroying the land, vegetation resources and topographic landscapes, determining the influence degree of aquifer, water resources, water environment and the types of mine geological hazards and selecting the evaluation elements, the present situation assessment, prediction assessment and comprehensive zoning of mine geological environmental impact are carried out, and the engineering measures and related technical methods for geological environmental protection and restoration and control of mining areas are put forward. Complete the compilation of mine geological environmental protection and restoration control plan. 



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