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It is the social responsibility of the GEA to make use of the advantages of geological geophysical, chemical, remote and geodetic technology to serve geological exploration and provide resources, energy and environmental protection for economic and social development. Through actively carrying out social responsibility work, GEA improved the level of social responsibility work and won good social reputation.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Based on the relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards, and combined with the actual distribution of energy consumption, the relevant system of energy conservation and environmental protection has been perfected to provide institutional guarantee for energy conservation and environmental protection. Strengthen propaganda on energy conservation and environmental protection, hang propaganda banners on energy conservation knowledge in living areas, place propaganda boards in office areas. Take "energy conservation, low carbon, green development" as the main line, take "saving every drop of water, every drop of oil, every kilowatt-hour" as the breakthrough point, popularize knowledge on energy conservation, vigorously publicize laws, regulations, policies and energy-saving products on energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively promote green and low carbon development. Guide staff to set up the idea of saving from drip to drip, starting from small things, and further enhance the awareness of energy conservation.

Community Construction

The GEA actively promotes the practice of social responsibility, adheres to maintaining good relations with the community, participates in community construction, and encourages staff to volunteer to serve the society. Give full play to the advantages of building and property, actively provide office space and leisure chairs for the community, free maintenance of community sports fitness facilities, carry out environmental optimization, community governance and other publicity activities with the community. In recent years developing the "6S" campaign of urban management, the fruitful achievements of the ecological civilization construction of the GEA and the good community living environment have been fully affirmed by the Baoding Municipal Government and relevant departments. Conference system of comprehensive management has been established by GEA with community, local police station and mass workstation. A safe volunteer team has been set up, which has effectively maintained the safety and stability of the community. Community health station provides medical and health services for community residents and free physical examination for the elderly over 60 years old. 

Poverty Alleviation

Based on the expectations of the Party and Government, the needs of the staff and the abilities of the Trade Union Committee, we should actively establish the mechanism of poverty alleviation and help the poor, broaden the scope of assistance, and sincerely do good things and practical things and solve difficult things for the staff and masses. We should strengthen the follow-up and understanding of the staff in special hardship and set up files for the staff in special hardship, and provide subsidies for the staff in difficulty every year. We persisted in carrying out the activities of "one-day donation of mutual assistance among staff" and "sending warmth". We carry out designated assistance activities in poverty-stricken counties and actively fulfill social responsibilities.