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Regional Geological Survey

Regional geological survey is to investigate and clarify the occurrence, distribution, composition, age, evolution and interrelationship of various geological bodies (such as strata and rock masses), to ascertain regional geological and metallogenic geological background, to delineate prospecting prospecting areas, and to establish the spatial number of regional geological maps by using geological theories and working methods such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing and digital mapping. The database provides basic geological data for industrial and agricultural development and follow-up geological work. Regional geological survey is the basis of geological work and the first step of geological exploration. Its degree of work indicates the level of geological work in a country or region. Geological maps, reports, sheet descriptions and databases are the three main components of regional geological survey results, as well as the basic geological data for national economic construction. 

Main Achievements: 16 comprehensive anomalous areas of 1:50,000 geochemical prospecting have been delineated; 6 anomalous areas of iron staining information and 4 anomalous areas of hydroxyl alteration information have been delineated; 9 newly discovered ore spots and mineralization points have been found and made metallogenic prediction, and have been delineated 4 prospecting areas and 4 prospecting targets.




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