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Geophysical Exploration

Geophysical exploration refers to the study of some physical phenomena caused by the differences of physical properties (density, magnetism, electricity, elasticity, radioactivity, etc.) of underground materials (rocks or ore bodies) and the use of different physical methods and instruments to detect changes in natural or artificial geophysical fields. Through the analysis and study of the above changes, we can deduce and explain the geological structure, mineral distribution and various situations (ancient tombs, pipelines, pollution scope, etc.) produced by human factors in the underground. The main geophysical prospecting methods are gravity prospecting, magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, seismic prospecting, radioactivity prospecting and so on. According to the different workspace, it can be divided into ground geophysical prospecting,aero geophysical prospecting, marine geophysical prospecting, underground geophysical prospecting and so on.

Typical Project:

Mineral Survey and Prospecting Prediction Project in the Overall Exploration Area of Copper Polymetallic Mines in Shannan Area of Tibet:

According to Gesang and Sangpu amplitudes in Shannan integrated exploration area of Tibet, 1:50,000 magnetic survey was carried out. The general characteristics of magnetic field and distribution law of magnetic anomaly in the area were basically identified, rock mass and fracture were divided, prospecting prospecting areas were delineated, which provided geophysical basis for further comprehensive evaluation of mineral resources potential in the survey area.

Assessment Project of Dingqing Rock Body and Peripheral Chromite Resources Potential in the Eastern Section of Bangonghu-Nujiang Metallogenic Belt:

By using 1:50000 gravity and magnetic survey, combining gravity and magnetic anomalies with physical characteristics and geological mapping results, the distribution of faults and lithologic contact boundary in the eastern section of Dingqing East ophiolite survey area are accurately divided, and the prediction of favorable areas is made, which provides geophysical basis for further prospecting work.



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