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The GEA  has established a comprehensive analysis and testing institution integrating scientific research and production. It passed the first measurement certification of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1992. The certification and testing field includes 407 indicators of seven products in three fields: rock minerals, soil components and water quality components. It has the first-class qualification of the Ministry of Land and Resources for testing rock and mineral exploration.

It has inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), full spectrum direct reading plasma emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, accelerated solvent extraction, solvent evaporator, headspace sampling, purge and trap gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, high pressure ion chromatography, graphite furnace-atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometry. More than 50 sets of instruments and equipments are included in the instrument, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, emission spectrometer, dual-beam ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, total organic carbon analyzer, infrared oil analyzer, Kai-type nitrogen analyzer, sample processing equipment and other kinds of instruments and equipments. It has comprehensive testing methods such as volumetric method, spectrophotometry, electrochemical analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, emission spectrometry, mass spectrometry, chromatography and so on.

Mainly engaged in the detection of rocks, minerals, soils, marine sediments, water quality, organic pollutants and other business, analysis and detection of the basic coverage of 10-2~10-12 rock, minerals, soil, water quality, geology, environment, marine sediments and other samples of all elements and organic items.

Typical Cases: 

A marine sediment detection project of Guangzhou Ocean Bureau of China Geological Survey, a soil analysis and testing project of site pollution investigation in Yiqi Creek well area, a pilot project of rapid investigation and remediation of cultivated land pollution along Guanhe River and North Bank of Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province, and an Airborne Hyperspectral rapid detection project of black and odorous water body in Xiongan New Area are tested.






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