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Unit introduction

Geophysical Exploration Academy of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau

Set up in Mar.1965, Geophysical Exploration Academy (GEA) is one of the public institutions directly affiliated to China Metallurgical Geology Bureau. It is an institution engaged in research and development of methodology, technique and equipment for geophysical and geochemical exploration, which are widely applied in airborne and ground mineral prospecting, geological survey, engineering exploration, geographical information, environmental evaluation and improvement, power equipment manufacturing and related fields. GEA is playing an important role in easing mineral resource restrictions and serving economic construction of China.

Now GEA has 368 staff with college degrees and above, 78% of them are professional including 11 staff who enjoy State Council Special Allowance, 17 professor-level staff and 81senior engineers and 167 engineers. GEA has been equipped with hundred sets of domestic and imported advanced instruments, such as: SCINTREX airborne integrated station, airborne electrical system, airborne hyperspectral remote sensing system, GDP integrated electrical system, VIP, V8, EH4, V5-2000 and so on. Meanwhile, we have acquired 8 Grade-A certificates: airborne geology survey, geophysical exploration, geochemical exploration, solid mineral exploration, gas mineral exploration, areal geology survey, rock and mineral analysis, surveying and mapping. And we have also acquired several Grade-B certificates: environmental evaluation, hazardous geology, hydrologic geology, engineering geology, environmental geology, environmental impact assessment of construction project, special environmental engineering design, power & electronics equipments manufacturing and so on. Besides, GEA also passed the quality, occupational health, safety and international environmental management system certification.

Since1965, GEA has made a significant contribution to Chinese economic construction across 27 provinces and autonomous regions. Totally GEA has finished airborne magnetic survey with the scale of 1:100,000 1:50,000 and 1:2,500, which equals a job of 3 million kilometers. GEA has also finished a lot of exploration projects with gravity, magnetic and electrical methods in deep cutting,high interference and thick covering of complex terrain, found and submitted thousands of promising mineral area,nearly 800 anomaly and known mine(ore belt).Successively completed 150 research projects, which belong to the national, the provincial (ministry) and the local, of which 48 obtained the awards of provincial and ministry levels. GEA also has friendly communication and close cooperation with the professional companies from Canada, United States, Mongolia, Laos and other countries in the international market.

The GEA also masters large scale and high precision airborne geophysical comprehensive survey (magnetic, radioactive, electrical, gravity and remote sensing) with an advanced level in China. By independent technical research, 2D and 3D ground high-power electromagnetic sounding exploration technologies have reached the advanced level in the world. The structure superimposed halo evaluation techniques with international advanced level was selected as ten national geological and technological achievements. GEA stands on the leading level in China in the fields of urban underground pipeline detection, monitoring and evaluation(leakage evaluation, safety evaluation),information processing and management technology.

GEA takes “providing resources guarantee and dedicated to serve the nation by industry” as its mission, follows the management philosophy of “brand building, credibility first and self-exceeding”, develops the spirit of “courageous, industrious, pragmatic and innovative”. GEA will try its best to provide high quality and efficient technical service of geology, geophysics and geochemistry and share the technical innovation value with customers together.